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Bodog Proves That Dirty Martinis Can Lead To Big Casino Wins!

by bonus boss

After a long hard day a Dirty Martini or two may well be in order just as Sara W. found out this weekend after winning $22,545 playing Dirty Martini online slot machine – making her our top winner for the weekend.It was a big weekend for slots winners, with our second place spot going to Irma G. from TX who won $17,021 playing Fruit Frenzy online slots – a classic favorite among our players.

While these two players remain at the top of our weekend casino winners list there are many more to claim. Check out our complete list of casino winners below.

Other big Bodog Casino winners included:

Matt. R of UT who won $15,027 playing Green Light online slots.
Kathy. B of LA won $14,807 playing European Roulette.
Mark. R of CA won $13,342 playing online Craps.
Gina. P of OR won $11,869  playing Double Double Jack Poker.
Michael. F of CA won $10,931 playing Green Light online slots.
Gregory. G of NJ won $10,075  playing Realm of Riches online slots.
Tony. T also of NJ won $9,999 from playing Caribbean Stud Poker.
Bill. M of IN got paid out $9,700 from playing online Blackjack.

Bodog Casino offers over 70 ways to turn your evening from blah to woo hoo! Whether Blackjack, Roulette or online slots are your thing Bodog Casino has something for everyone.

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