Lucky Nugget Free Play – No deposit required – Pocket your wins

Lucky Nugget Free Play – No deposit required – Pocket your wins

The Lucky Nugget Free Play offer is exclusively available to first time Real Players (“Player/s”) at the Lucky Nugget Casino (the “Casino”).On registration of a Real Account at the Casino, Players will be eligible to opt- in to a Free Play account which will be allocated 1000 credits (“Free Play Credits”)*. The Free Play Credits are for the purposes of this promotion only.The Free Play period shall be a once off period of 1 hour commencing from a players commencement of play for the very first time on such Player’s Free Play account (the “Free Play Period”).This and any other Sign-Up Bonuses are available once per player and/or per environment where computers are shared and/or per email address.

Any attempt to open multiple Free Play accounts will result in any positive Free Play credits earned and any winnings made being forfeited.At the end of the Free Play Period and subject to the limits imposed below, the player can only transfer 50 credits to his account – no more and no less. Any balance of 1050 or more will be granted the same bonus(“Positive Free Play Credits”) and may be transferred into a Player’s Real Account once a Player makes the minimum deposit of 50. So, for example, if at the end of the Free Play Period a player has 1050 or more Free Play Credits standing to his/her credit, he/she may transfer 50 Positive Free Play Credits to his/her Real account or if he/she has 2000 Free Play Credits standing to his/her credit, he/she may transfer 50 Positive Free Play Credits and any positive balance over and above the same shall become null and void for any purpose.

The Free Play Credits cannot be transferred from the Free Play account other than in terms of these Promotion-specific Terms and Conditions.A Player’s Free Play account will be automatically closed after any Positive Free Play Credits have been transferred. All non- transferred Positive Free Play Credits will be deemed null and void on the closure of the Player’s Free Play account.All Positive Free Play Credits transferred to a Player’s Real Account will be subject to the standard play-through requirements and promotion terms and conditions as per the standard Lucky Nugget Buy 50 Get 50 promotion terms and conditions.If a Player attempts a withdrawal of his/her Positive Free Play Credits before fulfilling all the play-through requirements on his/ her Real Account, the Player will forfeit his/her Positive Free Play Credits and Bonus Balance.

The Casino Terms and Conditions apply to this Promotion. In the event of a conflict between these Promotion-specific Terms and Conditions and the Casino Terms and Conditions, the Promotion-specific Terms and Conditions shall prevail but only to the extent that the Terms and Conditions conflict with one another.In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Casino management will be considered full and final. No correspondence will be entered into in this regard.

The Casino management reserves the right to end or amend this Promotion at any time without giving notice.

* Please note that these credits are token (and not real money) and are not exchangeable for cash other than in the manner set out in these Promotion – specific Terms and Conditions.

# A Casino Credit is equal in value to one unit of the currency in which a Player opens his/ her Real Account at the Casino. So, for example, if such chosen currency is US Dollars, 1 Casino Credit shall equate to US$1.